With all the different brands of pet food available it’s hard to truly know what products are best for your pet. At Koolau Animal Hospital we carry Royal Canin diets. Through our experience, this brand has provided more noticeable results when prescribed by our doctors concerning medical issues. We often use it to help manage conditions like early cardiac failure, renal disease, urine crystals, skin conditions, allergies, diabetes, anxiety and obesity. If caught early these foods can eliminate the need for medications or reduce the dose needed. Formulations for each diet are tested numerous times to insure quality and efficacy. The Royal Canin Brand has proven to get our patients the results our doctors and clients are looking for.

What if your pet does not have health issues needing prescription diets? Royal Canin also provides great veterinary exclusive diets for every dog and cat in every stage of life. These diets are backed by science  to ensure you pet is getting proper nutrition. Avaiable at vet clinics only, each batch is tested for quality ingredients and taste. Even the pickiest of eaters are emptying their dishes.  From birth to senior, dental health to calming agents, we believe Royal Canin has the most nutritious and best tasting diet for your pet.

Ask us what we feed our pets. Our answer will be Royal Canin.

For further question please visit the Royal Canin web site at  www.royalcanin.us or stop in for an informational brochure.